Big Space a.k.a. Space Vein has been making beats and rapping for the past 10 years. He's originally from Lesotho but has now made his home in Johannesburg where he met his partner in crime Spoek Mathambo.
Together they formed the
Slush Puppy Kids, an offspring of dirty grime funk.
The two new tracks "Beep Beep" and "Slushed Out" are banging! They mix up grimey basslines and filthy dubstep drums with some ill rhymes.
Spank Rocks ├╝ber-hip booty bass beats acted as a model for this new crew from Johannesburg but the Slush Puppy Kids sound is tailor-made for people who are already out for some new exciting shit.

Download both songs and more legally and for free on Big Space's My Space page.

The Mixtape "Slushed Out Vol. 2" is on it's way and will soon be available on their My Space.


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